Marriage & Family

Marriage is intended to be a permanent relationship between one man and one woman and is a foundation for healthy and stable families. Marriage functions to satisfy the longings of the human heart: to give and receive love, to welcome and ensure the full physical and emotional development of children and installation of moral principles and values.


Education begins at home and is the first classroom children have. The family thus serves as the center for social, educational, economic, and spiritual life to build strong bonds among the generations, and to pass on a way of life that has transcendent meaning. Since education begins at home it should remain the prerogative of parents to “choose” where to send their children for further instruction.

Human Life

Human life is sacred and inviolable from conception to natural death. Human beings are created in the image of God. Therefore, protection for the unborn and elderly; and compassion for the sick and infirmed, are essential elements of a culture of life; and necessary for the health of a civil and God-fearing society.

Religious Liberty

The free exercise of religious faith is paramount to the health and well-being of a free society. Government is prohibited in the establishment of any religion but also prohibited from interfering in the practice thereof. Citizens, therefore, should be free to worship as they choose without fear of governmental interference, coercion or manipulation.

The Church is the extension of the family and the instrument for the work of God to impact societal values. Duty, honor, self-sacrifice, love of neighbor and country are some of those values, but equally important are the pursuit of justice and equality before the law. It is the Church where the disenfranchised and marginalized find redemption, restoration, forgiveness and reconciliation before God and man.

Church and its Role

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