Black Families Matter

Transforming our communities, one marriage and one family at a time...

Biblical Manhood|Womanhood,
Purpose and Unity:

Passing down black Christian family values to ensure the strength of future generations
Growing black family values in our communities.
Creating black family values so black families matter
Strong family values begin at home, which serves as the first teaching and instruction a child will ever have. The “Family" serves as the center for social, educational, economic, and spiritual life and is divinely designed to build and promote strong bonds between generations; as well as, to pass on a spiritual heritage and legacy, which has transcendent purpose and life-affirming meaning.

The Truth about

Marriage and family are instituted by God to serve as the premiere social system and fundamental unit of human society, which bears the image and likeness of God. In addition, marriage and family are designed to function as the model for all life and human relations including: marriage as a permanent relationship between one man and one woman; marriage as the foundation for healthy and stable families; marriage and family life ordained to support and fortify the longings of the human heart through the giving and receiving of unconditional love, forgiveness and grace, trust and intimacy, etc.; as well as, marriage and family designed to reinforce innate human need for being and belonging, to welcome and ensure the full physical and emotional development of children, to establish a culture for life long growth and learning, and to perpetuate the instruction of moral principles and values from one generation to the next.
Protecting the sanctity of marriage and instilling black Christian family values builds the right foundation for generations to come.
Strong black family values lay the groundwork for healthy community and government.

 Strong Family Values

The traditional family serves as the bedrock of society; therefore, we firmly believe government should promote its formation, while interfering in its function as little as possible. In addition, the family plays an essential role in the development and fostering of biblical constructs of identity, purpose and unity; as well as to serve as the core foundation for individual, community and societal health and stability. An ongoing focus on, and advocacy for, strong family values and pro-family policies are essential to strengthening the Black family.

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