Mission & Vision  

"Transforming our communities one marriage and one family at a time"

Our Mission

Black Families Matter's earnest conviction is that many of the problems and challenges confronting the Black community (and all communities for that matter) could be alleviated if together we gave more attention to building strong and healthy families.

We strongly believe that to minimize confrontations with the police; to eliminate visits to the abortion clinics; to mitigate escalating school dropouts, delinquency and incarceration rates; as well as, to combat the illicit use of drugs and others forms of addiction, we must focus on the underlying problem—the dysfunction and disintegration of the traditional Family.
Putting God first and pursuing black Christian family values strengthens your marriage, family and community
Instilling black Christian family values creates intimacy and trust in your family.

Our Vision

Black Families Matter's vision includes a commitment to create a platform from, which to champion and promote a biblically integrated structural model for marriage and family life, which fosters, prioritizes and strengthens all families, in general. As well as, to address and combat the underlying problems and dysfunctional conditions, which, in particular, have disproportionately undermined the stability of the Black family.

Our Pledge

Black Families Matter aims to bring awareness to the insidious and intentional plan of attack against the Family, in general; to examine contemporary issues and concerns facing the Black Family, in particular; as well as, to promote and proclaim a counter narrative to the anti-traditional family movements and extreme heretical ideologies, such as Black Lives Matter (BLM), with a truly liberating and life-affirming biblical message of justice, mercy and equity, which sets marriages, families, and all people free.
Black Families Matter offer a liberating and life-affirming Biblical message.

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