What Matters...

"What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us." - A.W. Tozer

“Defending Marriage and Family—because Truth Matters”

Requires acknowledgement of Christ as the only name worthy of the radiance and glory of God; along with recognition for one’s own need to live life in relation to the Holy and Just God who is the source and sustainment for all of life; and, in whom one finds his, her identity and purpose in Christ.

(CF., HEBREWS 1:1—2:18; 3:1—10:18)

Requires that one clings with faithful assurance to immutable fact that His Word (TRUTH) is what gives us peace, freedom, liberation, etc.; and, what ultimately proposes value and virtue for one’s life and relationships.

(CF., HEBREW 10:19—12:29)

Requires that one maintains a forbearing and gentle spirit with those who oppose His Word (TRUTH); knowing that ultimately our purpose is for others to see our conduct and good deeds, and give glory to God.

(CF., I PETER 2:1—12; HEBREWS 13:1—25)

Requires that the musings as well as the meditations of one's  heart  and mind be set on wisdom—TRUTH—from above.                                                                                                                                                                        

(CF., JAMES 1:1—27; 3:1—4:10, 13—17; 5:1—12)

Requires that one exhibits the “fruits of righteousness” including demonstration of acts of mercy through: avoiding partiality and loving others as one loves his or herself; faith accompanied with good works; being a doer of God’s  laws, not a judger of God’s  laws; and, fervent prayers for mercy for those who have wandered away from the TRUTH, etc.

(CF., JAMES 2:1—26; 4:11—12; 5:13—20)

Requires that one maintains a conscious awareness of anti-family movements, all heresy narratives, and antithetical views of the traditional family as “spiritual” attacks and “warfare” against the TRUTH of God's Word .

(CF., 1 PETER 1:3—21)

Requires that one proclaims message that we all, ultimately, find freedom, liberation and unity, etc., in Christ who has broken the dividing wall reconciling us to God, and Christ’s message of peace for those who are both far off and near.

(CF., EPH 2:13—17; I PETER 1:22—25)

Requires that one maintains a mental condition,  state of being, and zeal to do good demonstrated through courage, discipline, and a willingness to endure hardship and suffering for the sake of Christ, and one another. 

(CF., I PETER 2:1—3:22).

Requires that one takes a stand to oppose, tear down and destroy false narratives, false arguments, and false imaginations by holding up the TRUTH of God’s Word.

(CF., II COR. 10:3—6; EPH. 6:14—18; 1 PETER 4:1—5:11)

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